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2021-02-12 to 15 Amateur Radio Transmitter Finding Event - Ottawa

Amateur Radio Transmitter Finding Event - Ottawa

Sponsor:ARDF Ottawa and various amateur radio clubs
Dates:2021-02-12 to 2021-02-15
Times:noon – noon ET
Location:In and around Ottawa
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Registration:not required

Event Write-up and Fox Fotos

Rather than repeating the excellent write-up that appeared in the OVMRC March 2021 Rambler newsletter, please see the newsletter PDF here: The write-up starts on page 5.

Mobile transmitter finding event

This event has changed format due to provincial and local Ottawa Health COVID restrictions. Please respect the provincial/city stay-at-home mandate during this event. Many people will be able to pick up the beacon from their backyard or balcony and some co-operative mapping of bearings could locate the fox. Also, when you are out on necessary travel, you could piggyback a quick bout of direction recording for the fox.

Updates and details will be posted here.

  • Event start: 2021-02-12 at noon
  • Event end: 2021-02-15 at noon

Who can participate

Any member of any local Amateur Radio club with a callsign. Because the participants do NOT need to transmit, anyone with appropriate receiving equipment can participate, whether they are a licensed amateur or not..

One part of this event has been cancelled

  1. The mobile (car-based) beacon finding is still active, but for a longer period of time. Please only hunt for the fox when you are out on other essential travel. You may be able to get a bearing from your home and triangulate with another hunter.
  2. The optional walking fox hunt on navigable pathways has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions

What to listen for

The "fox" will be transmitting on 147.57 MHz @ 1 watt. It will transmit a warble tone followed by a Morse code identifier for 15 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of silence before it repeats the cycle. Be sure to turn your squelch all the way down so you can hear the fox at the edge of its range.

We have tested the propagation and it can be received quite easily within 15 km of its location. You may even be able to hear it from your home. If you can’t hear it, take your receiver with you the next time you are in the car. If you take a major route like the 417 you will surely hear it at some point.

If you can hear it…you can find it!

Registration not required

Since there will be no social gathering, you don’t have to register or check in.

However, we would really appreciate if you would send us an email to let us know that you are participating and to get some sense of the level of interest. Email again when you think you have found the fox.

Send email to Roger at with the Subject set to "February Transmitter Hunt"

Roger will confirm whether you are correct (or not) each evening after 6:00 PM so you can keep hunting if your answer is not correct.

What you will need

You will need a directional antenna and (ideally) an offset attenuator so the strong signal will not de-sense your receiver. Hint: Try taking two or more bearings from different points in the city. Draw direction lines on a map to identify the point of intersection. It should be close to the fox.

Safety First!!

If you are in a vehicle, please take care to park it in a safe place before you use your radio gear to get a bearing.

Report your findings

We would appreciate hearing what equipment you used and how it helped you find the fox as well as any other details you’d like to share such as the time it took.

If you want to participate but don’t have appropriate equipment, we are hoping to be able to loan out ARDF Ottawa’s portable Sniffers and antennas for the next event in March. Stay tuned!

Have fun, stay safe and good luck!

If you can't attend ...

We plan to do one event a month from February thru September 2021.

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