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2020-03-08 ARDF Attenuator Build Session

Come assemble your ARDF Attenuator kit!

Sponsor:ARDF Ottawa
Times:1:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET
Location:uOttawa Richard L'Abbé Makerspace,
Cost:Free, but you must already have purchased a kit
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This event was a great success!

ARDF Ottawa held this build session in March 2020, just prior to the start of COVID lockdowns. Participants assembled the 3rd Planet Solar / KC9ON Fox Hunt V6 attenuator described here: If you scroll to the bottom of that page it shows the attenuation levels for both 2m and 70cm frequencies

Build your ARDF offset attenuator kit with us!

Come join us at the uOttawa Richard L'Abbé Makerspace to assemble your 2m ARDF Offset Attenuator kit. You must bring your kit and all of your own tools and supplies (see below).

ARDF stands for Amateur Radio Direction Finding. ARDF is also known as fox hunting, transmitter hunting, and bunny hunting. Please note that none of these activities actually involve hunting or animals - a better term than hunting might be "finding". However, these alternate names are widely used.

An offset attenuator is one of the pieces of equipment used for ARDF.

What You Need To Bring!

  • your attenuator kit
  • a small toolbox so your tools don’t get lost
  • low-wattage soldering iron with fine tip on a stand to prevent burns on bench or others – temperature controlled if you have one
  • tip cleaning station – sponge or metal type
  • solder wick, de-soldering vacuum tool
  • thin solder (60/40); less than 0.7mm dia, 0.4mm preferred
  • vice or PCB holder (3rd hand) to keep the board steady while soldering
  • wire cutters for trimming component leads
  • needle nose pliers for bending leads

Identify your tools with your name or callsign on masking tape. If you are missing any of these tools, you can likely borrow from one of the other participants.

Picture of an unassembled kit

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