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Welcome to the ARDF Ottawa notices mailing list. ARDF Ottawa helps organize transmitter hunts in conjunction with various amateur radio clubs in and around Ottawa. This robot will email you notices about upcoming transmitter hunts.

How to get ARDF Ottawa notices emails

ARDF Ottawa uses an email robot to send you notices about transmitter hunting events. To get on the robot's list, send an email message to:

The SUBJECT and BODY of the email are ignored. The email robot will will ask you for an email confirmation. This extra step keeps someone else from signing you up to the list.

How to stop getting ARDF Ottawa notices emails

To leave the robot's list, send an email message to:

The SUBJECT and BODY of the email are ignored. The email robot will send you an email confirmation.


To ensure your privacy, the ARDF Ottawa notices list is "distribution only". Only ARDF Ottawa moderators can send out messages. No one other than "listmom" can see your email address. Your address will not be used for any other purpose.

Possible problems

If you don't get the confirmation messages from the robot, there are several possible causes:

  • your return address is incorrect
  • you are using an email forwarding system - many forwarding systems cause the final email system to reject the mail
  • you are using a challenge-response system - the robot cannot answer challenges
  • you are using a system such as "" which requires a secret keyword in the email or addition to the winlink whitelist
  • you or your ISP have set up spam filters that trap or reject the mail
  • some mail systems - especially those in government departments - appear to refuse mail generated by email robots

Unfortunately, messages sent to you by "listmom" will also fail for the same reasons.

If you do not get a response, try using a different email address. Gmail provides free accounts and they work just fine.

If you need help from a human, send your questions to "listmom" using this form.

If any mail sent to your address is refused for any reason, your name and address are immediately dropped from the list.

If your local mail system is unavailable during a robot broadcast, the robot will keep trying to send the mail for up to two days.

Page last modified on February 19, 2021, at 05:41 PM