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2022-04-02 Seaway Valley ARDF Demo Event

Sponsor:Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club
Times:08:00 ET to 12:00 ET
Location:Silver Cross Park, Cornwall, Ontario ,
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On Saturday April 2, 2022, Harrie VE3HYS and Roger VA3EGY took a carload of ARDF Ottawa transmitter hunting gear to demonstrate to some of the members of the Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club (SVARC) in Cornwall, Ontario.

While the SVARC members enjoyed their bi-weekly breakfast meeting, Roger and Harrie hid a few transmitters in the nearby Silver Cross Park.

They then showed the SVARC members various types of ARDF equipment and invited them to try their luck at finding the hidden transmitters.


Roger VA3EGY running back from the car with the transmitter he forgot.

Hiding a transmitter in a tree.

Trying to get out of the tree.

In position. You can see the transmitter ID tag (they are marked with "Q" codes).

Even with no foliage, it is still easy to hide things.

The second transmitter in place. The cable lock keeps the curious from walking off with the transmitter.

This Q tag is quite visible.

But from a distance it is hard to spot.

Yagis, transmitters, Sniffers, batteries, and other paraphernalia.

Putting a new battery in the MicroFox 15 mW transmitter.

Briefing about the gear.

A folded-up tape-measure Yagi.

An ammo box with a 12 AH battery and an HT gives higher power and longer run time.

Left to right, Earnest, Harrie, Roger VA3EGY, Roger, Doug and Earle. Roger and Harrie are sporting the mugs presented to them as a thank you for coming down.


(click links to play in new window - lots of wind noise)

2022-04-02-SVARC-4455.MOV Δ
Two minutes of Roger VA3EGY talking about offset attenuators.

2022-04-02-SVARC-4456.MOV Δ
Sixteen seconds of Roger VA3EGY talking about problems with SDR front ends.

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